Tuesday, March 24, 2009


warm-ish. freezing. warm-ish. freezing. this pattern of weather is seriously killing me. I mean its nearly April and this mornings wind chill was 17 degrees. SERIOUSLY? I seem to forget how long new yorks winters are. The above picture basically sums up my mood on the weather.. this weekend went from warmish-to cold-to freezing- all in a matter of hours!


(hunter boots, BDG jeans, splendid hoodie, and my fav wayfares)


  1. I wish your New York winter would arrive in Sydney some time soon. I am over summer, please take it!

  2. I wish the weather would get better here tooooooo! Love your sunglasses =)

  3. I love your hunter boots! I totally need a pair for when I go to college probably somewhere cold and wet and yucky next year!
    And I totally agree about the weather-- it should just MAKE UP ITS MIND already! :)