Thursday, January 29, 2009

brief history lesson // DIY potentsh

....Also. Did you know the earliest throws in Mardi Gras parades were not cheap plastic beads? Rather, riders threw beautiful handmade glass beads imported from Czechoslovakia and India. These beads, which were more like individual pieces of art, became too expensive to produce and were soon replaced with plastic beads, much to the dismay of people like my parents, who still to this day, have a few glass bead favorites in safe keeping. Anyway, the point of this post is to reveal that the glass bead tradition has started up again-and are as cool as i had always heard them to be. millions of colors, sizes and shapes, these beads are a DIY project waiting to happen. and lets not forget that they are as low as 1.25 for TWELVE. ridic. I'm thinking a couple would look pretty amazing layered, chunky style, with maybe a one shouldered dress, or a tank? it would need to be something simple. I suggest checking them out. The pictures don't do them justice they are awesome in real life. and even if you hate them-they cost A DOLLAR. so whatever.

This place also has some other pretty crazy and fun stuff so roam the website and let me know what you think.

until tomm, prob.

so many things

1. I am sort of LOVING these steves. In the tan-they'd be amazing for spring--or even winter with tights! I love the texture it would add to any outfit and the criss cross pattern is like those givenchys only cuter in my opinion. (isn't it some sort of fashion sin to prefer steve over givenchy?)

2. I bought the booties! I'll update with pictures and deets when I get back to New York on Sunday. I'm still at home in New Orleans on winter break--i know, its ridiculous--but once im reunited with my camera connector ill be sure and update asap.

(photo cred:steve madden)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

because.. why not?

hellllllllloooo blog world! My name is Bridget and I am a twenty something girl originally from the south, now living in the big baddd city of NEW YORK. For now, that's all I'll really say simply because I decided its way too hard to describe myself for a proper introduction. Plus, isn't it more fun to learn as you go? Hopefully it's sort of like forever21: hard to conquer initially, but pretty soon becomes second nature. Besides, details and fun facts will undoubtedly pop up as we go along. (More on F21 and my love/hate relationship later).

Now, on to the more pressing issues: like the booties i just saw, and wanted to buy desperately, but didn't because they push me just over the 6'2 mark. They look a lot like the YSL II tributes, and my original thought was that they'd be perfect for my new internship (cute with black tights and my navy romper?) Buttt, and here is the question, is it inappropriate to wear heels as an intern? And be 6'2?

I'll no doubtttt be surrounded by clackers* and I don’t want to look like I'm trying too hard to be just like them. I know my place and it's not at the top! Regardless, I still want to try and be as fashionable as I can on my budget. It's my first step into the fashion world and I want to stand out without stepping on toes.

What're your thoughts? Am I over analyzing? Should I get them regardless?

*From Urban Dictionary thus obscenely unofficial, but you'll get my point -- clacker 1. noun. a stunning beauty working in NYC for somekind of fashion magazine. ALWAYS showing up to work in the hottest styles, possibly not even out for the public yet.

(photo credit: jakandjil)