Tuesday, April 28, 2009


this kid is 8 years old and already way cooler than i could ever be.

check him out on GQ style here

Monday, April 27, 2009


so the weather this past weekend in new york was UNREAL. ask anyone who lives here and they will tell you--it was a godsend..

saying that, i of course spent the whole day outside. Myself and a couple friends rented bikes down in battery park and rode over the Brooklyn Bridge. we seriously looked like a cracked out bike gang, but it was so fun. After crossing, we laid out in a beautiful park right on the water and lunch was fresh sandwiches and oranginas. After a couple hours we made the trek back over to Manhattan and found ourselves on south street seaport, where we proceeded to find the cutest! little sidewalk cafe with the best sangria. overall, it was an amazing day.

hope yall all had an amazing weekend as well!
summers almost here!

Jail bait

so Ava over at A & H reminded me of a swimsuit i love, but rarely wear. The one piece with a twist, "monokini", or as i like to call it, the sex piece. I fell in love back in 8th grade with this crazy hot pink and lime cut out one piece and searched for nearly two years until i found one i loved just as muchh. As soon as i saw this BCBG number i had to have it. Yet, as much as i love it--i hesitate to wear it. And when i do, i allwaayyss get stares like "what is this girl wearing? is she crazzzy?"

so what're your thoughts? do you love them? would you rock one?

(photos: 1st three victoria secret, and then my bcbg* excuse the embaressing picture...I haven't worn it but once in public)

spring shoe lust.

mark. my. words.... my first paycheck will go to a FUN amazing pair of shoes for summer.

oh marni wedges, how my heart aches for you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

checckkk her outt

my sister alice above, has an awesome blog. she talks about all types of things--food, green energy,shopping....and She also describes the lamb cake adventure way better than i ever could! so check iittt out!

I did it...

mine went from her length, to my length.
(ps-thats my roommate!)

SO short...still not sure how i feel about it. I've had long hair my whole life! But locks of love has always been on my list of things to do and what better time than spring?

5 of 6.

Me? I'm one of 6 kids. Number 5.
Heather? Turns out she's one of 6 too! and also number 5!

Heather is a woman i met while in San Fran--her husband went to Stanford (and highschool!) with my sister and we bonded during brunch about our identical birth order! Crazy coincidence, huh?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Flying back to NY today....so sad to leave beautiful, sunny California. But check out the awesome lamb cakes we made yesterday (apparently a southern tradition--who knew?!) Aren't they so fun?

See you on the flip side, with lots of pictures and updates coming soon...

i hope yall have a Happy EASTER! (or atleast a great sunday!)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

old habits die hard.

So something pretty typical happened recently. And in this order:

1. Walking down a street in New York.
2. Woman walking towards me.
3. Stare at shoes.
4. oo0o0oo0oo0o0oo
5. Stare at shoes more.

In this particular event, i turned my head as she walked past to get a better view of the shoes from behind (red soles? crazy shaped heels? sometimes shoes are as interesting from behind as they are from the front!) Anyway, next thing i know, a bum sitting on the sidewalk who has witnessed the whole thing and clearly mistaken my shoe lust for another kind is saying "you go ahead girl!" through a laugh. Mortified at being caught, i vowed to change my ways. But the problem has only gotten worse! Working in the Hearst building, lunchtime in the cafeteria is like net-a-porter come to life! I can't help myself--seeing shoes in real life, that i've drooled over for weeks, months or even years is better than seeing a celebrity. Is that so lame? I've come to realize how crazy that sounds but its true. Like those amazing phillip lim shoes that popped up in Britney's if you seek amy music video? I'm serriiously lusting after them and would probably stop dead in my tracks if i ever saw them. My sister just got engaged and i think i'm more excited about the shoes than the dress! Do yall have any embarrassing fashion habits? Do anything crazy?

ps. the shoes pictured above (via net-a-porter) are case in point. Not exactly my style, but definitely a head turner.