Friday, March 6, 2009

a list of things...

Wait, how is it that spring semester ALWAYS flies by so quickly? Is it really already March? Slash, since WHEN do 8 inches of snow fall in March?
Ugh, it has been freeeeeeeeezing here in the city this past week. On monday (3/2) school was cancelled and after doing school work all day, my roomie and I made cosmos and watched the office. Check out my patio above covered in snow! my duck boots quickly sank right into the fluffy powder snow freezing my previously warm toes- i then just as quickly retreated back into my warm bed!

Another exciting thing I can finally talk about is America's Next Top Model! Allie, above, is my brothers girlfriend and one of the final 13 contestants!! how exciting? she's the sweetest girl, and SO the judges clearly agree; allie won the first picture competition! yall have to watch and see what happens! the next picture is of her celebrating her 21st this past jan at mi casa with the fam. So cute!

last and certainly not least....yesterday I was posted (for my third time--eeek!) over at for an adventures in copywrites--pretty cool, huh? haha or atleast I think so! fashionista's what got me into reading fashion blogs, and what gave me the inspiration to start my own! (maybe one day ill try and get an internship there!)


  1. Congrats and sorry about the snow. One day it was 70 degrees and the next day it snowed right here in SC.

  2. SNOW! I wish it would snow here in Houston! ---It's 83 degrees at this very moment....
    -Oh! and I LOVE those fringed heels!