Saturday, March 28, 2009


Can i just say that i LOVE this? how cool is it that the world is grouping together for a good cause? I feel oh-so-unified. So don't forget to turn out your lights from 8-9 pm tonight in honor of earth hour.

too legit to quit


You know how the Crillon Ball in paris is sort of like the "coming out" party for the up-and-coming social elite? Well in New York, the same idea seems to be true when your photographed by the sartorialist. Scott's blog has become such a who's who of style its like the perezhilton of fashionistas. He manages to capture the most stylish people, in the most unique and beautiful ways. Always. Not to mention his blog draws thousands of viewers from around the world everyday.

Saying this, I've been an avid sartorialist reader for a while now. My sister introduced me to the blog a couple years ago and ever since then i check to see scott's photos on the daily. I often find his photos amazing, but it is rare that i am so inspired that i will save one to my computer. However, I was going through my photo folders on my computer trying to put something together and I came across a sart picture i had saved from a couple of months ago. Not only did i suddenly recognize the girl, but i fell in love all over again with her bold yet classy and chic outfit i only WISH i could pull off (or even put together!) Anyway, like i said earlier, my brothers girlfriend alli is currently on this seasons America's Next Top Model and her bestie on the show is Celia--the girl in the sart photo above!!! How cool? Celia deserves it. When Celia came and visited New Orleans (alli), I was home on break and had the pleasure of meeting her. Not only was she super sweet(we went straight to our combined love affair of platform heels and forever21) but she was strikingly beautiful as well. Just thought I'd share with yall this AMAZING photo, and the chicness that is Celia! I expect to see lots more of her in the coming months!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


warm-ish. freezing. warm-ish. freezing. this pattern of weather is seriously killing me. I mean its nearly April and this mornings wind chill was 17 degrees. SERIOUSLY? I seem to forget how long new yorks winters are. The above picture basically sums up my mood on the weather.. this weekend went from warmish-to cold-to freezing- all in a matter of hours!


(hunter boots, BDG jeans, splendid hoodie, and my fav wayfares)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


for a couple of years, starting when i was 15 or so, i was compulsive about making these fashion books. Id tear any and everything i loved out of every magazine i could get my hands on- put them into clear sheets, and file them accordingly. above is one of the covers i crafted and below that is part of an editorial that was/is one of my favvvvoorrittes of all time. Gemma ward was the fist model i tracked, and followed and to see her photogrpahed so beautifully on one of my states own plantations (i remember my first thought actually was something along the lines of "OH MY GOD GEMMA WAS IN LOUISIANA AND I DIDN'T KNOW?!!?!?") is perfection to me.

anyway, my addiction has subsided....i no longer meticulously save editorials in clear sheets (its not very 'green'!) but i do still have a problem throwing magazines away. What prompted this post was my roommate saying we had to throw away some of the magazines on our coffee table--its like a disease--i just CANT do it. we made an agreement. 1. the teen vogues will NEVER go near the trash can and 2. as long as i don't have to see it--she can (slowly) discard of the others as she pleases.

do yall ever have trouble throwing away magazines? if so, which ones?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


a post about my spring obsessions will be coming shortly i promise! (oh and ps expect alot of shopbop, net-a-porter, luisaviaroma, and other places waaaaaaaayyyyy out of my price range!)

pss-a rick owens leather jacket is like a 2.55 (mom, thats a chanel handbag if your wondering). its CLASSIC, something you can own and use and get SO much wear and tear out of. anyway, if i had 3,000 to spare on can bet I'd own this suckkkaa above.


As my sister put it ever so nicely-- "bridget you are SERIOUSLY slacking" and i mean I KNOW. i am! im the worst blogger ever! But its not fair! I get home so late and all i wanna do is chill, maybe hang with the roomie and gooo tooo sleeeep.

OK but anyways- here's something a little bit exciting: I think I've decided what I want to be in life! At work we have these things called "Lunch and Learns" where top executives or people within the company come and eat lunch with the interns, talk about their lives, how they started etc. yes, it IS pretty much THE COOLEST thing ever- because honestly, when else would interns get chance to ask these (seemingly) intimidating people questions? Anyway, last week this woman came to talk to us and her role was the 'Fashion Marketing Editor' and she was probably THE coolest person ever. so cute, so stylish and so down to earth. anyway, shes basically in charge of all the fashion and products that go into the magazine. She gets to attend the shows, attend all the photoshoots, and visit all the designers showrooms (aka schmooze with the people i stalk on plus traveling around the world isn't so bad either (in her words "i don't know why i even have a desk!") Anyway, it mixes business (my major) and fashion (my secret obsession) into one.

also, i thought I'd share with yall some blogs i check everyday. Just so you know how I'm wasting? spending? getting inspired? everyday. ps-my favorite thing in the world are SHOES. note the trend.

(jane has quirky style I don't think i could ever rock, but I love how bold she is and I'm EXTREMELY jealous of her ability to get any shoe she has her eye on...actually, i wouldn't be surprised if most of her thousands of readers are living vicariously through her!)

camille has style exaccttllyy like mine. we both love basic colors and our wardrobe is essentially all neutrals with a some of color every now and then (red)

like the sartorialist but focused on shoes!! amazing...

what got me into blogs. no other words needed.

rumi... not necessarily my type fashion-wise, but still interesting to check out. and i mean the girl was personally invited to ungaro - call me curious!

laurel is the blogworlds success story. recently signed with New York Models (my old homebase!) its fun to follow her...

so cool. designer shoes on the cheap!

love this blog! plus, my sister was just featured on it-so bonus points!

Friday, March 6, 2009

a list of things...

Wait, how is it that spring semester ALWAYS flies by so quickly? Is it really already March? Slash, since WHEN do 8 inches of snow fall in March?
Ugh, it has been freeeeeeeeezing here in the city this past week. On monday (3/2) school was cancelled and after doing school work all day, my roomie and I made cosmos and watched the office. Check out my patio above covered in snow! my duck boots quickly sank right into the fluffy powder snow freezing my previously warm toes- i then just as quickly retreated back into my warm bed!

Another exciting thing I can finally talk about is America's Next Top Model! Allie, above, is my brothers girlfriend and one of the final 13 contestants!! how exciting? she's the sweetest girl, and SO the judges clearly agree; allie won the first picture competition! yall have to watch and see what happens! the next picture is of her celebrating her 21st this past jan at mi casa with the fam. So cute!

last and certainly not least....yesterday I was posted (for my third time--eeek!) over at for an adventures in copywrites--pretty cool, huh? haha or atleast I think so! fashionista's what got me into reading fashion blogs, and what gave me the inspiration to start my own! (maybe one day ill try and get an internship there!)