Sunday, March 15, 2009


for a couple of years, starting when i was 15 or so, i was compulsive about making these fashion books. Id tear any and everything i loved out of every magazine i could get my hands on- put them into clear sheets, and file them accordingly. above is one of the covers i crafted and below that is part of an editorial that was/is one of my favvvvoorrittes of all time. Gemma ward was the fist model i tracked, and followed and to see her photogrpahed so beautifully on one of my states own plantations (i remember my first thought actually was something along the lines of "OH MY GOD GEMMA WAS IN LOUISIANA AND I DIDN'T KNOW?!!?!?") is perfection to me.

anyway, my addiction has subsided....i no longer meticulously save editorials in clear sheets (its not very 'green'!) but i do still have a problem throwing magazines away. What prompted this post was my roommate saying we had to throw away some of the magazines on our coffee table--its like a disease--i just CANT do it. we made an agreement. 1. the teen vogues will NEVER go near the trash can and 2. as long as i don't have to see it--she can (slowly) discard of the others as she pleases.

do yall ever have trouble throwing away magazines? if so, which ones?


  1. I have a fashion book too. I have a hard time throwing my mags away because I usually have to use the editorials and ads for my dynamics of fashion classes.

  2. I saw the second pic on 'I heart it' and LOVED the girl in the pics, bu didn't research who she was. I'm so glad u posted this!! :)

  3. you're not the only one having this problem...
    since I was 16 I love fashion photos and I spend lot of time collecting them.. luckly my roomates don't care about it..
    I can't throw away Velvet, an italian magazine that I love!