Saturday, March 28, 2009

too legit to quit


You know how the Crillon Ball in paris is sort of like the "coming out" party for the up-and-coming social elite? Well in New York, the same idea seems to be true when your photographed by the sartorialist. Scott's blog has become such a who's who of style its like the perezhilton of fashionistas. He manages to capture the most stylish people, in the most unique and beautiful ways. Always. Not to mention his blog draws thousands of viewers from around the world everyday.

Saying this, I've been an avid sartorialist reader for a while now. My sister introduced me to the blog a couple years ago and ever since then i check to see scott's photos on the daily. I often find his photos amazing, but it is rare that i am so inspired that i will save one to my computer. However, I was going through my photo folders on my computer trying to put something together and I came across a sart picture i had saved from a couple of months ago. Not only did i suddenly recognize the girl, but i fell in love all over again with her bold yet classy and chic outfit i only WISH i could pull off (or even put together!) Anyway, like i said earlier, my brothers girlfriend alli is currently on this seasons America's Next Top Model and her bestie on the show is Celia--the girl in the sart photo above!!! How cool? Celia deserves it. When Celia came and visited New Orleans (alli), I was home on break and had the pleasure of meeting her. Not only was she super sweet(we went straight to our combined love affair of platform heels and forever21) but she was strikingly beautiful as well. Just thought I'd share with yall this AMAZING photo, and the chicness that is Celia! I expect to see lots more of her in the coming months!


  1. Let me know what you find out about that suit!

  2. Celia is my favorite contestant on that show since Elyse from Cycle 1! Of course she would be photographed by Scott - she is instantly iconic! I'm incredibly jealous that you got to meet her. I wish her well (and secretly hope she does not win, as the runners-up tend to do better than the actual winners).