Monday, February 2, 2009

up in the air

i figured i wont really decide what im wearing until im about to walk out the door. I just keep changing my mind! Plus i know ill prob love/hate it all day regardless of what i end up choosing. main rule: don't overdo it, and dont look like im trying too hard. one day at a time....
Also, i came to a conclusion that heels on the first day would just be a bad idea. i need to scope out the situation and see what ill be doing. My roommate said some intern at her office came in heels once and everyone snickered about how ridiculous she looked. i do NOT want that kind of attention on my first day. plus i got some great advice over at saying that "Flats are totally okay, and actually very practical considering if you're going to be a fashion intern, you'll probably be sent out on runs to pick up samples. I can't tell you how many times I saw girls show up their first day in heels, and then crying when their feet were all blistered from walking all over the city." That, i also, do NOT want! Also someone else gave some honest, and very humbling advice- "As long as you look presentable, it's more about knowing your shit and being able to work's not about "omg what is the intern wearing. seriously it's not about you..."

all great advice that ill remember when getting dressed in the morning!

ps> perfection in image above. teen voguettes do it so well. i hope (can't wait?) to learn a little something at my office from girls like these!

photo cred: the satorialist.


  1. Good Luck! Your fashion internship is in an actual office. Mine is on the computer and at school. I am a community manager aka membership recruiter for Just remember when getting dress not to stress out and just be yourself.

  2. Good luck B! Be sure to take a picture. What is the temperature in NYC? Love the blog!

  3. ah congrats! and good luck! I'm interning at a magazine in Philly this spring as part of a senior project. While it's months away I'm already debating what I should wear! flats are probably best, they look natural on pretty much everyone, but can still be super chic.

  4. Good Luck!! your blog looks beautiful!!