Sunday, February 8, 2009

iiii meean

honestly i think i've put off this post because i feel sooo awkward posting outfit pics of myself! i decided that there is no way to nnnoooottt feel like a complete loser (this will be the first and last time i do this)but because i promised and because my roommate wasn't home--mirror pics will have to suffice.

anyway, i decided to go very simple, to be on the safe side. i had no idea how much running around id be doing etc so flats (unfortunately) were the final decision.

the next two days, i definitely was a bit more adventurous. a navy jumpsuit(romper?) with black tights and the booties! and friday brought black jeans, riding boots, and a flowery, flowy top tucked in. might sound a little cracked out, but i think overall looked pretty cute. lots of accessories is key, i think. i've been trying to follow that advice i got over at fashionista!

things have been super hectic since school and everything started. grammys are tonight though and im chilling with the roomie and some friends. anyone else looking forward to waynes performance? not to mention the dresses, and shoes....!!

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  1. that looks great. still fashionable without over doing it.