Wednesday, February 11, 2009


a week in and the place i work is already holding a major event! i got the amazing opportunity to work it and couldn't have had more fun. The party was held at this swank little club on the west side and was decked out to the maxxxx. celebs like clive owen (we brushed shoulders!), Mel Gibson, and Anthony Hamilton were there along with major fashion faces like Lauren Bush, David Lauren and my faaaaaaavvvvvorittttteeeeeeee Thom Browne (above). iii mean i think I've been obsessed with his suits since I first saw them in vogue a couple years ago. He made me take notice of menswear! They're so quirky and fun and the moment i saw him walk into the door tonight i was in love. ankles bared, he was just as presh and friendly in real life as you would hope. anyway, im exhausted from standing in heels all day-how do clackers do it?-until next time!

and for all those who are wondering:: i wore a highwaisted black silk jumpsuit, black tights and the black booties. (photocred: google?)

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  1. That sounds like so much fun. I think clackers are able to walk in heels so long because they were born wearing heels and/or they have pain and are good at hiding it.