Monday, April 27, 2009

Jail bait

so Ava over at A & H reminded me of a swimsuit i love, but rarely wear. The one piece with a twist, "monokini", or as i like to call it, the sex piece. I fell in love back in 8th grade with this crazy hot pink and lime cut out one piece and searched for nearly two years until i found one i loved just as muchh. As soon as i saw this BCBG number i had to have it. Yet, as much as i love it--i hesitate to wear it. And when i do, i allwaayyss get stares like "what is this girl wearing? is she crazzzy?"

so what're your thoughts? do you love them? would you rock one?

(photos: 1st three victoria secret, and then my bcbg* excuse the embaressing picture...I haven't worn it but once in public)


  1. I think if you have the body you should wear it, but you also have to have the confidence too.

  2. Glad I inspired you to break out that swimsuit-- I totally love yours! Monokinis are the wave of the future!!